About Us

Our Vision

Broomhouse Health Strategy Group aims to:

Promote healthy lifestyles within the local community by providing access to affordable food and through involvement in local events.

Raise awareness of health issues through education and carry this out in partnership with the local community in a welcoming and inclusive approach.

Our History

In 1993 a community health visitor brought together three local women’s groups who, working together, organised and ran a Community Health Day which resulted in the birth of the Health Strategy Group” In 1995 the James Report exposed Scotland as having ’the worst diet in Europe’. We secured the lease for our shop and opened the project premises including a Fruit & Veg Co-operative in Broomhouse Market in West Edinburgh. At this time (1996) we helped set up the biggest community food project in Britain – Edinburgh Community Food Initiative. This was a big help to us as ECFI would deliver all our produce at cost price helping us to supply affordable, accessible fresh fruit and veg. for our local community. Over the years we have run many projects and taken part in many local events; a ‘Fun with Food and Football’ 3-day event for kids, cookery courses, taster sessions, Open Days, children’s events, local conferences, stalls at Altogether In The Park. As well as all this, our volunteers continue to open our fruit and veg co-op shop 5 mornings a week, to ensure Broomhouse residents have access to good quality, low cost healthy produce.