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We are Broomhouse Health Strategy Group, a community-led health project in SW Edinburgh. Our aim is to improve health and wellbeing within the communities of Broomhouse, Sighthill & Parkhead by providing a variety of social health activities.

We provide a range of free services including a volunteer–run fruit and vegetable co-op, a home delivery service, cookery classes, physical activities including exercise classes and a Walking Group. We also run a confidential health drop-in service, and run the local Timebank.

Local people are central to the planning and delivery of all our services. We provide a range of volunteering opportunities, and could not operate without the invaluable support of these volunteers.

We work in close partnership with many local organisations to address gaps in health improvement activities. The Community Health Hub is a partnership project between us and The Broomhouse Centre which aims to improve the health and wellbeing of the local community.

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"I made salsa, potato, and tomato sauce all from one tin of tomatoes.” Participant in Parent Cookery Class, Murrayburn Primary School, Oct 2010
Broomhouse Health Strategy Group
1 Broomhouse Market, Edinburgh, EH11 3UU
Tel: 0131 467 7678 Fax: 0131 476 7345
The Broomhouse Health Strategy Group is a registered charity no. SCIO23736